In a Handful of God
Poetry reveals that there is no empty space.

When your truth forsakes its shyness,
When your fears surrender to your strengths,
You will begin to experience

That all existence
Is a teeming sea of infinite life.

In a handful of ocean water
You could not count all the finely tuned

Who are acting stoned
For very intelligent and sane reasons

And of course are becoming extremely sweet
And wild.

In a handful of the sky and earth,
In a handful of God,

We cannot count
All the ecstatic lovers who are dancing there
Behind the mysterious veil.

True art reveals there is no void
Or darkness.

There is no loneliness to the clear-eyed mystic
In this luminous, brimming
Playful world

-- Hafiz


corporeality, the reality of having a body. the quality of being physical; consisting of matter.


Awareness of breath leads me to realise that my body is 'my breath'.


There is no separation we are air
-- David Suzuki
Point of balance

can you trace a line along all the tiny moments of balance?
The air has weight


People often talk about performers having ‘presence’ as if they have an innate charm that the rest of us are born without. For me, presence is about being aware: of myself – how I move, my feeling state, thoughts which come and go, and my environment – the people and the space around me.
As an improvisor how I carry out an action is more important than what the action is. By being in the here and now I realise there is nothing I have to do. I follow my curiosity which can lead to the unfolding of many possibilities: the telling of a story, the singing of a melody, a dance or the emerging of a character.
--Kate Hilder

Presence Practise No 1
The Orchestra of Sound
There is a constant orchestra of sound which accompanies us day to day. Pay attention to the sounds that you hear: bird song, car engines, footsteps, people’s voices, your breath…………is there ever silence or does silence have a sound too?
“Just sit on your chair and wait. Don't even wait, just listen. Don't even listen, just be still and open and the world will come in to you and unfold itself in its glory.”
--source unknown


Kami hilang dan bahagia di tempat yang kami tidak memilih. Kita berbohong kepada diri kita sendiri dan berpura-pura bahwa ada kemenangan di antara ... kekacauan. Kami berubah menjadi debu selama situasi kacau ini. Tapi bagaimanapun, kami memilih untuk hidup. Kesadaran hidup menjadi tidak penting. Tidak peduli di mana kami berada tidak benar-benar berbeda, Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, Paris, New York. Kita hanya mengalir sepanjang dan terjebak dengan sesuatu yang membuat diri kita merasa layak untuk sementara waktu. Kami hanya hanya sebuah molekul di alam semesta yang mencoba menangkap kebenaran di dalamnya. Kita berada di: Sebuah Perang Tanpa Medan , Sebuah Perang Tanpa Musuh, Sebuah Perang Di Mana-mana, Perang Tanpa Akhir ..!

We lost and happy in the place that we didn’t choose. We lied to ourselves and pretended that was a victory among... the chaos. We turned to dust during this chaotic situation. But anyway, we chose to live. Life consciousness did not matter. No matter where we were that was not really different, Bangkok, Jakarta, Tokyo, Paris, New York. We only flow along and stuck with something that made ourselves felt worth for a while. We were just only a molecule in the universe that tried to catch the truth inside. We’re in : A War Without A Battle Field, A War Without An Enemy, A War That Is Everywhere, A War Without End…..!



+++ Barbara Dukas: Where the voice inhabits     http://www.schwelle7.de/Barbara%20Dukas.html +++

The seminars of ‘body memory arousal’ refer to the behaviour of the human body prior to the conciousness’s or emotion’s entanglement.
They touch upon the domain of Theatre Anthropology, but they connect to many types of theatre, dance and various performances, solo or group behaviour, when human body is obligated to ‘expose itself’.
The training approach is based on the ability of the human body to produce sounds, that means emotions and situations, before the text comes, on its own energy power, and without any rational or psychological intervention.
The sound inhabites inside our body and not ‘somewhere out there…’
Years of work  with deaf people have proved that with the proper guidance we don’t need the ear to hear our inner voice as sound has weight, vibration, and colour inside our inner cavities and could heal even some type of illness.
Civilization’s blocks, specially in our chest and pelvis,- these i personally and with humor, call ‘Froyd and Christianism ’ – usually block the body and consequently our breath and voice.
In this first approach training we can hear our voice as we never herd it before.
Having for the rest of our lives some special tips, we can relax in a few minutes, find our voice and breath, produce sound, and even if we are dancers and we are not suppose to talk on stage, our body could look different, more stable, more ‘open’,more ‘erotic’ and ready to be offered as a gift to the audience.
Some of these tips, greek actors learn, to confront big, open ancient theatres, and are obliged to replace the huge masks, ancient actors wear to multiply their loudspeaker. In our days that technology replaced everything, the emotion that human voice ‘nude’ in space can produce is the only irreplaceable sentiment.


What does it mean to be ready to dance at any time, with anyone, anywhere? There are no set formulas, however, there is an attitude of body-mind that can be cultivated to bring us to that place of total alertness-to go beyond thinking our way through the dance and attune us to what is actually taking place.
-- Andrew de Lotbinière Harwood, Being Ready: An Intermediate/Advanced Course in Contact Improvisation


In a human body, support is not something solid. Support is relationship. Support is a balance of elements that aren't solid at all, elements that are incapable of withstanding the weight that presses down on them except as they are balanced. Could you translate this balance as tone? I don't know. I don't know what tone is in words, only in experience. I once equated it with span, but I don't know how to define span. When you get span in a body, you get tone; when you get tone, you get span. Span is a spatial thing; tone is physiological. Both words refer to balanced structure in a living body. Both tone and span indicate a readiness to act and respond that is the touchstone of a healthy body.
--Ida Rolf, talking about Rolfing and Physical Reality, p181